The streets of Kusadasi are full of stray animals fending for themselves on a daily basis. From food to medical attention these animals need our help for many matters.

A massive thank you to the Björklund family from Sweden for their support which they give to Kusadasi street animals.

I first met 4 members of the family when they visited Kusadasi in March 2015. We talked for less than an hour and the one thing we had in common was the animals. We became facebook friends and I feel like I have known them all of my life.

Nearly every year they have sent a donation to help the animals. Depending on the need, the donation was split between various groups and individual people who I thought deserved a helping hand.

The first year they sent a parcel which was full of medication, bandages, dog and cat treats, including pigs ears, a card with money and a special present for my own dog Ollie.

The postman came to my door and tried to explain to me that my parcel was stuck in Istanbul and that I would need a prescription to have it realised from customs. There was no way that I was going to provide that information and I felt terrible because to me, that was it, no parcel.

Lo and behold about 2 months later, the parcel landed at my door, pigs ears and all.

This year I am going to buy dog and cat food to share with individual people around Ladies Beach.

I really want to express my thanks to Maria, Christer, Rita, Thomas, Sten and Annika. They have had a few hard times themselves over the years and still they do not forget about Kusadasi street animals.

I have also posted some older pics to show some of the animals they have helped. Sadly, some of them are not with us anymore.

Bailey says thank you


Jane and I about three years ago


Some of the original Ladies Beach dogs