The dogs that don’t belong to anyone – and boy do we have plenty of them here in Kusadasi.  There are thousands of remarkable stories about people helping dogs and I have had the pleasure of meeting two of the nicest people who not only rescued one street dog from Ladies Beach; but they ended up with three.

Timucin and Tuija Karakan live in Finland and for six months of the year they make the journey to Kusadasi where they spend the summer months.    Timucin is Turkish and his wife Tuija is from Finland.  Like most people who spend the summer here they travelled by air – that is until one day in 2012 a young female dog started hanging about their home.  Of course the inevitable happened and they fell in love with her.  She was about 2 years old and they named her Ada.  Tuija had to fly back to Finland whilst Timucin stayed behind and sorted out Ada’s passport.

In 2013, after flying over with Ada; they fell in love with another street dog.  Beyaz was also about 2 years old – and the whole procedure started again – arranging for Beyaz’s passport to be processed and flying both dogs back to Finland at the end of summer.

Well, they say things happen in three’s and in the summer of 2014 a pup of about 12 weeks old found them.  They called her Elma and since then they have purchased a large converted van and drive from Finland to Kusadasi every year.  All – so they can bring their pets with them.

Timucin and Tuija make this journey every year and when they are here they help feed all of the cats and dogs in their area. I quite often visit with them at the weekend, where I not only get a great welcome from Timucin and Tuija – but I get lots of slobbery kisses from Ada, Beyaz and Elma.

Source:  The Ege Eye

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