Mac is one of our older residents on Ladies Beach and is owned by John and Sue Fitzgerald who rescued him when he was a puppy.

The first time I met Mac was when I went to Sue’s home for a coffee.  Mac stayed away and kept one eye on me as he was unsure of this stranger who had come into his home.  He is a quite little dog who is happy to sleep or watch the world go by from his balcony.  The only time he gets really excited is when he goes for his walks.

Sue asked me if I would look after Mac for a couple of days whilst they took a short break.  When I called to take him for a walk he would not come to me and watched me warily from the corner of the room.  As soon as I lifted his lead he leapt over and did his party trick (which is to sit and join his two front paws whilst moving them up and down).   It did take me a few minutes to get his harness on as he was so excited.

As I live very close to Sue, I was able to call in and out and see to Mac.  He gradually would wag his tail when I came in – but still kept his distance until I lifted his lead or (as he learned very quickly), I would say “come and get your clothes on” (I know, sounds silly).

When John and Sue came back I called around to see them.  You would have thought I was an intruder as Mac stayed away and glared at me from afar.  You would have thought that I had been bad to him.  I called him over – but no, he would not come to me.  Then I said the magic words, “come and get your clothes on” – well that was all that it took and Mac leapt at me doing his party trick and begging for me to take him out.

I have since looked after Mac on a few occasions and I get a great welcome every time I call into see him (sorry, call into see John and Sue).  He does his party trick, sits up beside me and generally pleads with me with his cute little face and eyes until I give in and say the magic words and take him for a walk.

Source:  The Ege Eye

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