Every old dog has its story and I am sure if Toni could talk he would have many a tale to tell.  Toni is not a street dog; she belongs to Veronique Paffen and her husband Yilmaz who own Dream Bar at Ladies Beach.

Toni was found on the streets of ikicesmelik as a pup – and was she one lucky pup as she had found a loving forever home.  I met Toni when I came to Ladies Beach for the first time as a tourist.  She loves belly rubs and treats and although she is now getting on in years (13), it was not that long ago I saw her having an early morning paddle at the beach.

We all know the adage that cats have nine lives; well Toni is definitely the dog version of this saying.  She has had many mishaps and I recall one summer when a tourist thought that Toni was ill.  Thinking that she was doing the right thing she took Tony to the vet.  Poor Tony came back after being operated on.  The vet went to spay her; then realised she was already spayed.  She also came back with a tag in her ear (meaning she is a street dog).  Toni is actually micro chipped (major blunder there).

 I was talking to Veronique recently and although Toni is not has spritely as she once was, she is doing ok.  These days she stays mostly in her garden.  She probably dreams of the days when she would be running and swimming at the beach and I am sure she will manage to make a few appearances at Dream Bar this summer.  If you see her – remember she loves a good belly rub.

Source:  The Ege Eye

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