Anybody who knows me will know that I am at my happiest when walking with my dog on Ladies Beach here in Kusadasi.  During these walks I have built up relationships with all of the street dogs on the beach, whilst at the same time have made many friends with tourists and summer residents alike.  Quite often I get messages on social media asking me how so and so is, and is that cute little brown dog ok. This got me thinking that it would be nice to do an article every month on these dogs, to tell their story and to let our regular visitors to Ladies Beach see how they are getting on.

This month I would like to dedicate this article to my own little dog Ollie, who I sadly had to say goodbye to last month.  Needless to say, my Ollie and I were close and for the past four years he was my best friend and companion.  Every morning and evening we would be on the beach and for Ollie, this was his bit of heaven.  

I introduced Ollie to the street dogs by making friends with them myself as they can be very territorial.   Ollie on the whole was a well-behaved friendly dog, however, when on his leash he had a common behavioural problem known as leash aggression.  My sweet dog could switch from calm to Cujo in an instant by barking at every dog he passed – no matter what size they were.

When on the beach we would soon be joined by other local dogs and whilst Ollie did not really want to have anything to do with them, he would smell them to gather critical data, waging his tail in delight before moving on to other smells.  It is strange how these street dogs join in and make our walk; their walk as well.

Ollie’s big floppy ears seemed to have a life of their own as he ran up and down the beach looking for a fir cone.  Once he found one he would stand with his paw over it until I lifted it and threw it for him.  This was the only time I was allowed to touch it, and for the remainder of his walk he would carry it in his mouth.

Ollie has had many health issues and in the last four months he lost his sight.  However, he was still a happy chappy who enjoyed his food, walks and playtime, and as long as he was happy, he would remain with me.

The long decision to end my best friend’s life was heart breaking, soul searing and gut wrenching. The question of ‘when’ had caused me much anxiety. When is too soon? When is too late?  I always knew deep inside myself that the day would come and I woke up one morning and I knew.

I miss him so much; however, I do have my other buddies on the beach for company.  I stopped for a coffee at a cafe last week and, 5 minutes later – I had three furry friends lying at my feet.


Source:  The Ege Eye

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