These two sweeties have been around Ladies Beach for as long as I have been here.  They go by many names, though I know them as Kisem and Stumpy.

They are nearly always together and are usually to be found hanging around Palm Beach Restaurant.  Kisem has many friends and is very approachable, however; Stumpy is a little shy and untrusting.  Stumpy will come leaping and bounding to greet me on his little short legs before slamming on the brakes just short of me.  I have actually been able to pet him a few times, especially when I have a handful of treats for him.

Nearly all of the dogs on Ladies Beach are fairly independent with an uncanny sense for traffic and their faces are well known around the community.

Even though they are street dogs, these two never have to worry about getting food.  In winter many people, and the local restaurants see that they are fed – and in the summer; well they are spoilt for choice and they have learned how best to use their charms in order to get a good meal.

I have been told that Stumpy could be at least 8 years old.  He is an odd looking little dog with his strange legs, but as the photograph shows, he seems to thrive very well.  Kisem after having a couple of litters of pups has now since been spayed.  She still has many male admirers, including Stumpy and maybe this is why he never leaves her side.

Source:  The Ege Eye

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