Lose your passport – lose your holiday

Antalya airport has agreed with the British Vice -Consulate in Antalya to display banners in the baggage reclaim areas at their international terminal. Similar initiatives are underway at other airports in Turkey.

The banners will warn tourists that losing their passports will cause frustration and inconvenience as they miss out on valuable holiday time whilst they visit the Consulate and pay for an emergency passport to get home.

When all the banners are displayed over two million British travellers, will see the banners titled “Lose your passport, lose your holiday” as they wait for their luggage. Posters encouraging Britons to look after their valuables, especially their passports will also be displayed in tourist towns across the Aegean and Mediterranean coast.

In 2014 the British Consulates in Turkey issued around 700 emergency passports at a cost of £95 (TL390) each. It’s a number that British Consul, Timothy Fisher, is keen to reduce.

Launching the initiative, Timothy Fisher said:“We want to prevent British nationals from getting into trouble in the first place. Everyone arriving in Turkey is being reminded to think about where they’re going to keep their passport for the duration of their stay. My advice: lock it away somewhere safe and, if you have to take it with you, keep it in a zipped bag or pocket to ensure a hassle-free holiday.

Partnership is the key in preventing British nationals from getting into trouble and I am very grateful to both the airport and tourist authorities for agreeing to display these banners and posters free of charge.”



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