Coronavirus has transformed many aspects of our lives. It closed schools, businesses and forced millions to stay at home. Along with this we had to limit social contact and in turn it altered they way we worked, learned, celebrated, mourned, and carried out daily tasks.

Technology has been a lifeline during the pandemic. For many the internet and video calls were the only way to stay connected with their families. Schools used the internet for lessons and many businesses used the internet for virtual meetings.

The advent of technology has prompted significant changes in many aspects of our lives and improved the exchange of information, the presentation of data, and the management of medical resources. The information and technology sector has managed to keep pandemic data up to date. For instance, using social media to promote public health campaigns is very effective.

We were buying almost everything online and having it delivered to our door, including groceries. The importance of technology in our lives has never been more apparent. Although many technologies and platforms existed pre-pandemic, their importance to our daily living increased exponentially during the pandemic. This is likely to continue in many areas post-pandemic.

The new normal will reshape technology priorities for corporations and governments, including greater investment in telehealth and contactless digital alternatives to touch interfaces. Drones and robots ensured minimum human interaction but also are beneficial to access contagious COVID-19 patients. Making use of the Bluetooth and GPS technology, is another efficient way to monitor individual’s health and their day-to-day stress levels in isolation.

Technology has made substantial and revolutionary contributions to the field of medical care, which has eventually helped in extending the life span of people throughout the world. The rise in the use of digital technologies means that we are now witnessing a rise in online fraud, scams, intrusions, and security breaches. There is a lot of research being carried out on managing security and assessing the causes of breaches.

Unfortunately, the pandemic has brought the world to a situation where those not connected to the internet are facing total exclusion.

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