Aydin Agriculture and Forestry Provincial Director Ahmet Ökdem said that 27 thousand owned cats and dogs were microchipped in Aydin province in the last year and a half.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry made it obligatory for cats and dogs to be microchipped. The microchip application, which aims to record owned pets and prevent them from being released to the street in an uncontrolled manner, was also carried out in Aydın.

The deadline for pet owners also expired with the new year. Before the deadline, a total of 27 thousand animals could not be microchipped for various reasons. The owners of the animals in question submitted a declaration to have their animals microchipped without being penalized.

Thanks to the microchip application, it has been determined that there are a total of 54 thousand cats and dogs in the province.

Making a statement on the subject, Aydın Agriculture and Forestry Provincial Director Ahmet Ökdem said, “The time granted to animal owners for the microchip application, which started in July 2021, ended with the new year. In our province, a total of 27 thousand cats and dogs were microchipped in a 1.5-year period. These chips were attached to animals by both independent veterinarians and our district agriculture and forestry directorates. Shortly before the deadline, microchips were reduced in the hands of free veterinarians.

There was a problem in the supply of chips. Therefore, there was a backlog in our institutions. “We received a declaration from our citizens who brought their 27 thousand animals so that they would not be penalized.

Chips were supplied and these citizens were called to our institutions and the chips were attached.

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