Guzelcamli means “beautiful pine tree” and there are certainly plenty of those, as this small seaside town nestled at the foot of the mountains is the gateway to the Dilek National park – hectares of un-spoilt land and untouched bays that are the same now as they were centuries before.

There are ancient ruins and an old monastery tucked away up in the heights, and for those of an adventurous and energetic disposition there is a canyon walk which will take you all the way to the top of the mountains and across to the Soke Plain.

The town itself is a traditional Turkish seaside town that is small and friendly but has plenty of attractions and amenities such as shops, restaurants and a working harbour. Guzelcamli has been earmarked for a marina in the near future, and already has some of the most popular fish restaurants in the area located along the harbour front. People will drive over to Guzelcamli from Kusadasi and further afield to sample the wares of the fish sellers.

The town is very cosmopolitan despite its small size and has German, Dutch, Belgian and British residents mixed in with the friendly Turkish population. There are bakeries where you can collect your bread hot from the oven, snack shops where all the traditional Turkish delicacies such as pide and borek are available (see Turkish Food) and there is a stadium where all kinds of local celebrations are held throughout the year.  

Guzelcamli has a Sea Festival which is held in July, usually after the Peach Festival in the nearby town of Davutlar, and since the town has a special relationship with Samos, there are often Greek dancers at the festival, as well as performers from other countries such as Bulgaria.

Guzelcamli has a Night Market in the summer months and the town is prized as a natural recreational area by discerning Turkish holidaymakers from across the country since the quality of the air and clarity of the water is so great. While it has all the charm of a town that is traditional it also has every modern amenity including shops to cater for all your daily needs and a regular bus service and has attracted a resident foreign population who love it for its unspoilt natural charm and beauty. It is located only 25 minutes away from Kusadasi, and less than 10 minutes from the market town of Davutlar.

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