It looks like our electricity and natural gas bills will change to an estimated bill system in order to prevent the spread of the current coronavirus epidemic and to protect the personnel staff who carry out the meter readings.

Apparently the average consumption charges from the last two years will now be applied instead of monthly invoice readings.

An example given by Haberturk as to how this will be calculated follows below.

For example, how will the subscriber’s gas and electricity consumption in April be calculated? “April consumption in the past, 2-year period will be checked. An invoice will be created within the framework of this data. The actual consumption will be measured after the outbreak measures are removed. If the actual consumption of the subscriber is below the invoiced amount, the refund will be made. Otherwise, an additional payment request will be made”.

They also stated that if “there is no previous consumption for the said month, invoices will be issued taking into consideration the precedent consumption. The consumption and invoice of a 100 square meter apartment in question will be taken into account for other consumption amounts of the same property”.

“Sector sources stated that EMRA is expected to take a decision on this issue and said it will be implemented quickly.”

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