Tomorrow, Tuesday May 19th marks the anniversary of the Commemoration of Ataturk, Youth and Sports Day.

The holiday commemorates Mustafa Kemal Ataturk’s landing at Samsun which is regarded as the beginning of the Turkish War of Independence.

Following the war of independence the event wasn’t celebrated until 1936, when Ataturk himself suggested that the 19th May should be remembered with a holiday focusing on the youth and therefore it became a holiday in 1938 when the ‘Festival of Youth and Sports’ was passed into law.

To mark the day, children play sports, march in parades and sing and dance. At Samsun, the Turkish flag is brought ashore to remember the events of that day and a wreath is laid at the Mausoleum of Ataturk .

In Kusadasi on this day you will see the Turkish flag proudly flying everywhere you look and usually you will be able to see the children parade and perform (down at the seafront at Ataturk statue).

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, there will be restrictions put in place. I am sure there will be some form of entertainment, such as video links to children’s homes. Any activities will be posted on all of our social media platforms.

Remember, this is a public holiday and most government buildings will be closed.

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