Do not fly abroad this year! Stay away from foreign countries! Holiday at home! Well, no one should dismiss the seriousness of a virus previously unbeknownst to mankind and as far as scientists are concerned having originated in China.

The virus then continued on its deadly path first on to Italy, later proceeding via a ski resort in Austria to northern Europe – Iceland –and broke out in all its severity at a large public gathering in south-eastern France, too, ultimately getting a firm grip on the entire world. No blame on no one: neither did any public government in any country anywhere had a Plan A, B and not even C for such a health crisis, nor did we as ordinary citizens ever anticipate such a catastrophe.

What this 2020 peak summer season column is intending to do is to discuss something important yet often neglected in mainstream media – should we attempt to fly regardless of governmental suggestions better not to, should we shelve our worries in particular if travelling with underage passengers and just go ahead; and thus written,should we better decide to stay put within our own four walls watching travel channels on the television?


So do they serve food on board, or not?


We shall come back to that nutritional point further below. First: this short article is not about legal guidelines; please check before you book a ticket whether or not your airline operates on that day and what about compensation, whether or not you are allowed to board that very plane in the first place and what Corona-specific regulations you would need to comply with once wheels down at the other end.

Hence, the gist of this piece is that the United Kingdom has by now agreed to open up a fair number of air bridges, or travel corridors, allowing travelers to fly once more from A to B, and the good news is that this development includes the Republic of Turkey without for example the need to self-isolate in the UK arriving from Turkey; but as written above please always check last-minute developments – this is supposed to be a column and not written by a barrister. What happened with a travel warning and re-entry arrangements returning from mainland Spain only this morning whilst putting pen to paper may happen literally overnight anywhere else, too! I honestly hope for that once printed this article is not already obsolete…

But this is meant to be an uplifting article. You may all have followed the wonderful news about the arrival of the first charter plane headed for southern Turkey having departed the UK some weeks ago on 15 July 2020 and probably rejoiced in the clear knowledge of that very soon you and your family could be airborne as well to your favorite holiday destination, home away from home or permanent (second) fixed abode.

Back to this paragraphs F&B – header question mark and yes, they do indeed. However, some airlines roll out more of a red carpet service than others (rolling out a cold ham and cheese roll in a best case scenario, pun intended), more or less comparable to the pre-Corona era. Only today did I receive an e-mail from one of my must trusted airlines confirming that meals and beverage services are back on as before. Perhaps just the one round of service up and down the aisle – but nevertheless; how often would we flash our plastic on a flight of less than four, or three hours anyways? Usually, once, perhaps twice but that was it. Plus, many carriers offer duty-free again. And the airline based in Turkey my family used a short while ago serves free food and drinks as before anyways!

To be more precise let me share my opinion about flying involving Turkey middle of July yet as underage family members were involved one must refrain from disclosing the actual dates/airline.

Airport cleanliness in Turkey: better than any television commercial for how to clean your home could ever suggest. Spotless!

Airport safety in Turkey: social distancing markers displayed everywhere, and people observed them. Disinfectant dispensers at virtually every corner, or along each straight walkway; discreet heat sensors deployed all across the terminal.

Check-in: as travelling with lots of luggage became necessary, extra ten kilos accepted plus eight kilo hand luggage as long as handbag, laptop or infant items. Having selected the seat before, and supplied the passport number before – a smooth experience lasting less than ten minutes.

Boarding: according to seat rows (as before… but now strictly enforced), a very positive experience indeed in particular with fellow passengers avoiding paying for hold luggage trying to lift 30 kilos of bulky bags into the overhead lockers a thing of the past. Don’t fly if you cannot afford one might say… it is a human right to travel but then please pack accordingly, big items into the hold, small essential items into the cabin.

On-board – same internet, films, food and beverage; only difference was the main meal now packed in plastic so that the passenger has to open it by himself; a small nuisance gladly tolerated for providing extra hygiene one supposes.And this was in Economy, not in Business.

Granted – only just about twenty passengers all-together aboard a 150 seater aircraft but it is early days; ticket price: favorable even on a last-minute deal, perhaps 30 Pound Sterling cheaper than before the virus crisis for a comparable ticket.

In brief – young or old, father or mother, or grandmother, or child… one can expect a fantastic traveling experience, highly recommended especially during such turbulent times. As written above we will not disclose the age or name of course of my family but rest assured it was a very well-known Turkey based airline happily connecting many friendly nations once again and hopefully soon the complete shared world we all so much cherish to visit.


From square meal back to square one: fly or not?


After extended periods of isolation we human beings need to break free, to go out, and yes indeed to fly across borders and continents.

Whatever happens in the future no one can predict but we live in the now and should grab the chance of the moment, prepare, travel, and chose an adequate holiday destination. Turkey? It cannot get any safer or any better. Will we allow our (younger) family members plus parents to fly again soon? Of course we will. Although why would anyone ever wish to leave Turkey when its splendid summer season is at its best…

Have a nice flight, a safe stay, a simply wonderful time here in Turkey.

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