Thursday the 19th July saw many expats come together for a night of fun and entertainment in aid of a very worthy cause.

Gossips cafe and bar kindly hosted a fundraising event in aid of Steve Sherran. Steve orignally from the UK who now lives in Kuşadası with his wife Doreen suffered a heart attack recently and is currently still very ill in hospital.

All tickets for the event sold out within days leaving many people who would have liked to attend dissapointed.

The night itself began with a large buffet catering to everyones tastes and continued with a raffle, entertainment and karaoke. Many prizes were donated from local buisnesses and friends including meals at the saray and gossips, rental bike for the day, food baskets and much much more.

Peter Davidson a local painter kindly donated 3 of his paintings, 2 for the raffle and 1 to be auctioned off.

In a statement after the event Doreen said: “To all the wonderful people in Kusadasi who contributed to making last night’s fundraising event at Gossips an exceptional evening, a massive thank you from Steve and myself! The whole evening was totally overwhelming for myself – your generosity and acts of kindness will remain with me always. What a lot I have to tell Steve when he eventually wakes up and before I throttle him!!!!! An especially big thank you goes to Chris and Velli for all their hard work and contributions! Maggie should be two stone lighter for all the running around she’s done and the wonderful help and support she has given me, and many thanks Roy for all you’ve done and allowing Maggie to be here for me! Thanks also to John Eadie for all your support and help at what is a very difficult time for you too! You are all too numerous to mention individually but you all know who you are and many, many thanks Doe xxxxxx “

A staggering 5660 TL was raised at Thursdays event.

Any people wishing to donate can still do so by going to Gossips and asking for Chris or Velli. There is also a collection box at The Ponz Hotel Ladies Beach.

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