The number of people venturing into the streets of Kusadasi has significantly decreased and many of those who go out are taking more measures by wearing masks and gloves.

From what I have read, gloves only work if you change them after touching a surface as you are only carrying any virus from one surface to another. For example you would never see a doctor treat a patient and then go to his/her patient without a new pair of disposable gloves. I read somewhere that you should carry disposable wipes and use these constantly when you are out getting essential goods.

Our citizens are now not allowed to visit parks, gardens and recreation areas and as we all know people should only leave their homes if it is absolutely necessary.

I spoke to a dog walker (via Facebook as I too am housebound), and she told me she takes her dog very earlier in the morning, avoids people, wears gloves and touches nothing. As soon as she gets home she removes her shoes, disposes of the gloves and hand washes. She also disinfects her shoes as well.

People are staying at home more and those living in the following districts … Inonu Boulevard, Adnan Menderes Boulevard, Municipal Square, Ismail Cem Freedom and Peace Square, Saglik Caddesi, and  Kaleici, which is one of the busiest areas in the city centre has decreased considerably.

When you visit the market you are now not allowed to pick your own produce and it should be wrapped. Remember to wash your fruit and vegetables as soon as you get home.

It has been said many times that we should be proud of not only our health workers, but everyone who has to work with the public during the coronavirus situation. They are doing a fantastic job. We have help lines already posted on all of our social media sites for emergencies. Friends are calling me and asking if I need anything and our animal charities are out every day trying to ensure that the street animals are getting food.

I wish that all of our readers, here in Turkey and anywhere else in the world, take care, stay safe and follow your governments guidelines.

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