Continuing from last month and after having a covid test, I was confirmed positive for coronavirus. The doctor called around in person an hour later and brought my medication. I had to sit at my front door on a chair for them to look at me whilst suited and booted in boiler suits, masks, gloves and shoe covers outside the door. They asked me a few questions and then left. One hour after that the police came to check I was home and isolating.

My local doctor called me to check and see if I needed anything. I was truly shocked but I felt overwhelmed with the support. Later in the day I tried to eat some eggs but my stomach hurt too much and I still had no appetite, smell or taste. I also noticed a slight irritating dry cough had started to appear.

(Day 4) I woke up this morning unable to take a full breath without coughing a little. My body just took over and would force me to try and fill my lungs really deep. This was a very strange feeling and my ribs hurt terribly. My body was shaking, although the fever was mild, I had sickness and stomach pains still too. My chest was very heavy but still clear and not phlegmy at all. I still had a little cough but it was very dry, annoying, and came in fits a few times an hour.

I had pain in my neck, back, arms, and all my joints, muscles and nerve pain. The headaches had returned and become chronic at this point, it was also getting harder to breath throughout the day. I managed to eat a little strawberry yogurt and a small omelet for lunch. I even managed chicken and rice with salad for my evening meal as I was absolutely starving and even though I couldn’t smell and taste anything it felt amazing to eat and I could hear my stomach thanking me. My tiredness was still present and I slept a lot of the day between meals

Over the next 10 days my symptoms changed daily. I was very tired, had upset stomachs, breathing problems and body aches. These changed in severity and as time went on I started to feel better in some ways every day.

However, 4 weeks on from day 14 I still suffer with heavy headaches most days, fatigue and my body still struggles to get my full lungs of air. All the other symptoms are gone apart from an upset stomach now and again. I took favimol tablets sent by the hospital for covid-19 for 5 days and paracetamol every 4 hours or when needed for 14 days onwards. I did eat a lot of oranges and other fruits high in vitamin c over the 14 day period and still I eat as much fruit as I can each day now too.

I wanted to give you a full insight because it’s nothing like they say on googled symptoms or what other covid sufferers have said. It seems that covid-19 symptoms are different with each individual. Apparently the biggest indicator is loss of smell and taste. My children also suffered with the virus and sadly my youngest baby suffered terribly with it and had all of the symptoms of pneumonia with two emergency ambulance trips to the hospital, burning temperature and struggling to breathe that much that his lips went blue. My other 3 children just got an upset tummy for a few days, slight temperature and runny back passage.

Thankfully we have all recovered well apart from we all still suffer a slight temperature on and off. Our littlest baby bear is also doing well too but he was bad for around 3 weeks. It broke our hearts.

Keep an eye out, stay safe, stay masked and stay at home!! Thank you for taking the time to read about my experience. Kate Sordabak

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