Below is a list of prices increases for the New Year

As from January 1st, children’s residence cards cost the same as adult ones, currently 356tl

The single entry fee for first time applications will be 2304tl.

Registering your mobile phone from abroad is now 6090tl.

Tax limit payable by landlords on annual property rental income is 21,000tl


A 35 % INCREASE is expected for ALCOHOL and CIGARETTES


TUV fees 2023

Motorbikes, scooters and motorised 575tl.

Cars, trucks, off-road vehicles, Minibus 1130tl.

Motoring Fines

The penalty for running a red light, which is 427 TL in 2022, is 951tl

The penalty for exceeding the speed limit by 10 to 30 percent was determined as 951tl

Exceeding the speed limit by 30 percent – 50 percent 1979tl


Exceeding the speed limit by more than 50 percent 4 thousand 64tl


Not using you seat belt 436tl


Using your mobile phone while driving 951tl


Riding a motorcycle/scooter without a helmet 196tl


Anyone caught drink driving for the first time will pay a fine of 4 thousand 64tl and a fine of 5 thousand 96tl for the second time


Refusing to take an alcohol test will cost you 8,551tl


Driving without a licence 8,900tl


Driving under the influence of drugs 20,977tl


The penalty for showing a fake license plate 20,302 TL, while driving a vehicle without a license plate is 2,312tl


Driving without traffic insurance 436tl


Not giving priority to pedestrians at the entrance and exit of pedestrian crossings or school crossings and intersections 888tl

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