Mada Island located inside Beysehir Lake have no reported cases of the coronavirus.

There are approximately 180 people who live on the island and it can only be reached by boat where the residents have to paddle 700 metres to reach the mainland.

Many of the residents are elderly and get aid from the Vefa Social Support Group who deliver essential items to islanders.

The main livelihood for people on the island is fishing, agriculture and stock-breeding and despite the isolation, locals still take measures to stop the spread of the virus by using masks and following the social distance rules.

The village mukhtar stated that the islanders are used to living a life of isolation and that the “virus couldn’t reach here after its spread, as there is no transportation [to the island]. They are lucky in that way. While the world feels dejected, people on Mada Island are lucky and they have a comfortable life”.

He also stated that “life, [and] transportation here is really difficult, especially during winters as the lake freezes for three months”.

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