This month I thought I would share a story with a happy ending.  This tale is about Bella, a very lucky street dog who is being cared for by Angel Cigden until her paperwork is complete and she makes her way to Germany and her forever home.

Talk about a coincidence – the first thing I do when I come into the office (after putting the kettle on) is switch my computer on.  There was a picture of a lovely little cross-breed dog which had apparently gone missing the day before in the Ladies Beach area of Kusadasi.  I mentally took note of the dog and went out to the balcony with my coffee.  I could not believe my eyes when I saw the same dog was walking up the street looking very dejected with its head hanging low.

I ran out and carried her back to the office (got peed on) and yes, after checking, it was definitely the same little dog.  I immediately posted on Facebook that I had the dog at the office and could someone come (quickly) and get her.

Bella had apparently got out of her garden the day before and that is when her adventure began.  She would not tell me where she had been, but she was exhausted from her travels and rather smelly.  After a drink of water and a belly rub Bella fell fast asleep.  We had Bella in the office for about three hours and she did not move when someone came in as she was so tired – luckily when I explained the situation, people did not mind this smelly little girl.

 Bella’s adventure did not finish at the office because she needed to be transported back out to Ladies Beach.  When Angel arrived on a moped we attached Bella and hoped that she would sit nicely for her ride back home.

Angel rang me a few hours later and said that Bella was very good on the bike and is now sleeping off her 24 hour adventure.  We will never know where Bella had been on her travels but I look forward to hearing about her progress and about her next big adventure – her trip to Germany.

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