Like many street dogs in our area they will appear, and suddenly you find that you have a new friend.  Sadly Brad’s story is a short one, however; if not for one of my friends – Brad’s short life would have been much shorter had he not found my friend and her husband.

As my friend was walking her own dog; a dog that she had never seen before joined her on her walks.  As time went on she was joined by another 3 and all five would go together on their daily jaunts.  Brad however; stayed around my friend’s apartment and settled himself into the area.  He was a happy chappie and very friendly with a gentle disposition.

One day Brad was not to be found.  A neighbour said that he had seen Brad been lifted by the dog warden and taken to the dog’s home.  My friends went to get him back and Brad was registered as their dog by the local council.

After a short time my friends saw that Brad was not quite himself.  They took him to the vet and he was diagnosed with Leishmaniasis which would mean that he would be on medication for the rest of his life and his condition would deteriorate.

For a year Brad continued happily with his walks before slowing down as his condition worsened.  Slowly Brad was not able to go far and he started to just stay about the apartment building.  He had his own bed and my friends wanted him to live out his last few months in comfort.  He did not ask for much, he was loved and cared for – had food and a warm place to lay his head at night.

A few weeks ago my friends came home and Brad was nowhere to be seen.  They do not know for sure but it seems that Brad may have been dumped in the mountains in a heat wave.

My friends went to the dog’s home to see if he was there – with no success. They spent a week looking for him, which was an impossible task as they did not know exactly where he was dumped.   He may have found a little shelter, but without water and the extreme weather we were experiencing at the time meant that Brad could not survive.  Someone out there knows where he was dumped (because someone dumped him).

I feel for my friends as they are heartbroken.  At least if they found him they could bury him and this would be a form of closure. 

They will never know.  The only thing they do know is that Brad would not have suffered for long. 

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