Endangered lynxes have been photographed by wildlife photographer Huseyin Narin in the eastern province of Tunceli’s Mazgirt district. Two lynxes were seen around a stream flowing through the Sisik Forests in Hiran Valley. 

Narin said he photographed the endangered lynxes by chance when he had been hiding to shoot mountain goats. 

“When I was on my way home in the village last week, I saw two lynxes in Hiran Valley. I could not capture good visuals since it was night time. One day later, I went to the same region in the afternoon. Two lynxes were there close to each other. Their bodies were larger than normal. I thought they were cheetahs but then I saw they were lynxes. After I took their photograph, experts have said lynxes of this size have not been monitored in Turkey so far. They are under protection in Turkey and the world and their numbers are increasing in the snowy mountains of Tunceli,” Narin said.

Source:  Daily Hurriyet

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